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Library Link of the Day

The Library Link of the Day provides you with a daily link for keeping up to date with the library profession. Destinations include the latest library news, good reads on the web, and other valuable resources that a library knowledge worker should know about. The link is presented without commentary. Links always lead to free content, but sometimes require registration (also free).


This Month's Links:

SEPTEMBER 20, 2023

Carnival Cruise Line quietly phases out a cruise ship staple [TheStreet]


SEPTEMBER 19, 2023

Republican candidate for Missouri governor vows to burn books after viral flamethrower video [The Kansas City Star]


SEPTEMBER 18, 2023

Forsyth County schools cancel talks after author says the word 'gay' to elementary school students [Georgia Public Broadcasting]


SEPTEMBER 17, 2023

Conservative book ban push fuels library exodus from national association that stands up for books [Associated Press]


SEPTEMBER 16, 2023

Law library proposals get differing reactions: Law librarians concerned about possible revisions, but others see opportunity [The Indiana Lawyer]


SEPTEMBER 15, 2023

Police respond to bomb threats at libraries in Aurora, Evanston, Addison [CBS News]


SEPTEMBER 14, 2023

OpenAI confirms that AI writing detectors don’t work [Ars Technica]


SEPTEMBER 13, 2023

Book Publishing Has a Toys ‘R’ Us Problem [The Atlantic]


SEPTEMBER 12, 2023

Library tension flares anew in St. Tammany, as patrons blast council and issue sparks altercation []


SEPTEMBER 11, 2023

Shining a Light on the Digital Dark Age [Long Now]


SEPTEMBER 10, 2023

Can Inadequate Corrections Turn Misinformation into Disinformation? [The Scholarly Kitchen]



‘There won’t be libraries left’: how a Florida county became the book ban heartland of the US [The Guardian]



Visual artists fight back against AI companies for repurposing their work [Associated Press]



Teachers and Librarians Describe a Climate of Fear Stoked By New Laws [PEN America]



US appeals court curbs Copyright Office's mandatory deposit policy [Reuters]



Dominant COVID Narratives and Implications for Information Literacy Education in the “Post-Pandemic” United States [In the Library with the Lead Pipe]



Iowa schools will reverse ‘Friday Night Lights’ ban after backlash for AI review [The Philadelphia Inquirer]



Machine Learning and WorldCat: improving records for cataloging and discovery [Hanging Together]



A Book Is a Book Is a Book—Except When It’s an e-Book [The Insider]



AI is killing the grand bargain at the heart of the web. 'We're in a different world.' [Insider]


August, 2023 

AUGUST 31, 2023

The First App to “Help” Libraries and Schools with Book Bans Has Arrived–It’s Not What It Seems [Book Riot]


AUGUST 30, 2023

FBI steps in as Davis public library targeted with 3rd bomb threat [CBS Sacramento]


AUGUST 29, 2023

University of Iowa Librarians Use Medical Imaging Technology To Reveal Hidden Book Fragments [Library Journal]


AUGUST 28, 2023

AI-generated art cannot be copyrighted, rules a US federal judge [The Verge]


AUGUST 27, 2023

Moms for Liberty is growing in Wisconsin as critics call them extremists [Wisconsin Watch]


AUGUST 26, 2023

Wikipedia Will Survive A.I. [Slate]


AUGUST 25, 2023

Secretary of State condemns rash of bomb threats at libraries [All Things Considered]


AUGUST 24, 2023

A Georgia school board fires a teacher for reading a book to students about gender identity [Associated Press]


AUGUST 23, 2023

He’s tried to ‘liberate’ colors for years. His latest: the ‘Barbiest pink.’ [The Washington Post]


AUGUST 22, 2023

Use of AI Is Seeping Into Academic Journals—and It’s Proving Difficult to Detect [Wired]


AUGUST 21, 2023

Paper exams, chatbot bans: Colleges seek to ‘ChatGPT-proof’ assignments [Associated Press]


AUGUST 20, 2023

These Women Tried to Warn Us About AI [Rolling Stone]


AUGUST 19, 2023

Hamilton East Library Board president to be replaced after John Green controversy [WRTV]


AUGUST 18, 2023

Kiwi academic’s thesis put up for sale without his knowledge [1News]


AUGUST 17, 2023

School district uses ChatGPT to help remove library books [Popular Science]


AUGUST 16, 2023

Predatory journals entrap unsuspecting scientists. Here’s how universities can support researchers [Nature]


AUGUST 15, 2023

Record Labels File $412 Million Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Internet Archive [Rolling Stone]


AUGUST 13, 2023

Amazon removes books ‘generated by AI’ for sale under author’s name [The Guardian]


AUGUST 13, 2023

The plot thickens: The battle over books comes at a cost [NPR]


AUGUST 12, 2023

Wizards of the Coast updating artist guidelines after AI art found in ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ book [GeekWire]


AUGUST 11, 2023

ChatGPT and Generative AI Tools for Learning and Research [Computers in Libraries]


AUGUST 10, 2023

Wiley journal editors resign en masse, fired chief editor speaks [Retraction Watch]


AUGUST 9, 2023

After Blocked Deal, Paramount Sells Simon & Schuster to Private Equity Firm KKR for $1.62B [The Hollywood Reporter]


AUGUST 8, 2023

The Small-Town Library That Became a Culture War Battleground [The Nation]


AUGUST 7, 2023

Feud Over AI Book Cover Has Authors at Each Other’s Throats [The Daily Beast]


AUGUST 6, 2023

The Coming Enshittification of Public Libraries [Nine Lives]


AUGUST 5, 2023

Judge Finds Revived Amazon E-book Monopoly Suit Should Proceed [Publishers Weekly]


AUGUST 4, 2023

A.I.’s Impact on Publishing: Fear and Change [AI2.NEWS]


AUGUST 3, 2023

Kirk Cameron gears up for 'See You at the Library' despite ALA opposition: ‘Confident good is going to triumph’ [Washington Examiner]


AUGUST 2, 2023

Elsevier takes Scopus to the Next Level with Generative AI [Elsevier]


AUGUST 1, 2023

Judge blocks Arkansas law allowing librarians to be criminally charged over ‘harmful’ materials [Associated Press]