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Light Up the Library Fundraiser!

Please help us raise $381,000 to replace our roof and restore the dome! Funds may be designated to the “Light Up the Library Fundraiser” through our donation page or may be given to a VCBC Public Library Foundation member, a VCBC Public Library Board member, or by dropping off your donation at the library. Donations may also be mailed to VCBC Public Library, 410 Central Ave. N., Valley City, ND 58072. Please make checks out to the VCBCP Library Foundation with "Light Up the Library Fundraiser" in the memo. 
The Valley City Barnes County Public Library is only one of 3 Carnegie libraries left in ND that still functions as a library and it has served the citizens of Valley City and Barnes County for over 120-years. In the early 20th century, the Carnegie family provided money to many communities to start a library. Valley City received the Carnegie grant after a request by the women of the Tuesday Club (20 women who were looking for materials to support their quest for knowledge). The women used the 10 cents left after they paid their dues to the general federation of women’s clubs to start a public library fund and raise money for a library building and materials. I think we can all agree that they succeeded well beyond their expectations and leveraged their 10 cents well.
Even though a new addition was added to the main building and the children’s library has been updated and modified several times, the main floor of the original Carnegie building has retained many of the original details including the circulation desk, the bookcases behind the circulation desk and around the room, the casings around the windows, and the rotunda. In the 60 or 70s the dome was covered up, but the original moldings are still there. The building is in good shape, but time and water have done some damage. Therefore, the library needs a new roof and several modern reinforcements to solve ice-dams and leakage issues. Due to the damage, this is also a great time to restore the rotunda and dome on the main floor to its original splendor which will brighten up the main floor of the library.
The Board of Directors hired Michael J. Burns Architects LTD. to do a thorough review of the building and create detailed plans to fix and restore the building so it can serve the community for the next 120-years. To complete this project, we need help from the citizens of Valley City as the cost of the project is $381,000. All donations are tax-deductible.
Hilde van Gijssel,
President, Valley City Barnes County Public Library Board of Directors, – 240-462-8785
Joseph DeMasi
President, Valley City Barnes County Public Library Foundation Board of the Directors