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2024 NDSU Field To Fork Webinar Viewing Parties 

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Want to know more about growing, preparing, and preserving fruits and vegetables?

Then check out the NDSU Field to Fork Webinar Series. 

The VCBC Public Library will host watch parties, followed by fun activities related to the watch party.

The Webinars are scheduled Feb. 21st to May 1st at 2 p.m. 

For More information check out their website here.

Webinars Include

  • Feb 21 - How to Create Beautiful Flowerbeds and Landscapes Good Enough to Eat - Don Kinzler, NDSU Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources-Horticulture
    • Library Activity: Lavendar Simple Syrup


  • Feb 28 - Gardening with Arthritis and Pain - Esther McGinnis, NDSU Associate Professor, Horticulturist
    • Library Activity: Chair Exercises
  • March 6 - Understanding Product Dating: Food Safety vs. Food Quality - Bryon Chaves, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Assistant Professor, Food Safety and Extension Specialist
    • Library Activity: Pride of ND Tasting Bee


  • March 13 - Spuddles, Vader Tots and Small Fries: Let’s Talk Potatoes! - Susie Thompson, NDSU Plant Sciences Associate Professor
    • Library Activity: Air Fryer Sweet Potatoes/Oven Fries Tasting
  • March 20 - Tips for Preserving the Bounty of the Harvest - Barb Ingham, University of Wisconsin Madison, Professor, Food Science | Food Safety Extension Specialist
    • Library Activity: Dried Food Tasting
  • March 27 - How to Grow Garlic and Other Alliums - Harlene Hatterman Valenti, NDSU Plant Sciences Professor
    • Library Activity: Making Garlic Butter & Garlic Toast
  • April 3 - Being Creative & Safe with Fruit & Vegetable Preparation and Storage - Julie Garden-Robinson, NDSU Extension Food and Nutrition Specialist and Professor
    • Library Activity: Veggie Kabobs with Ranch Dressing
  • April 10 - Play it Safe! Safe Changes to Tested Canning Recipes - Karen Blakeslee, Kansas State University Extension Associate
    • Library Activity: Strawberry Freezer Jam
  • April 17 - The Role of Bees in my Fruit and Vegetable Gardens - Janet Knodel, The Role of Bees in my Fruit and Vegetable Gardens, NDSU Extension Entomologist and Professor
    • Library Activity: Fruit Kabobs with Honey Yogurt Dressing
  • April 24 - Making Nature at Home in Your Landscape - Carrie Knutson, NDSU Extension Agent, Agriculture & Natural Resources - Horticulture
    • Library Activity: Dressing in a bag


  • May 1 - Growing Produce Safely for Consumption, Sales or Donations - Londa Nwadike, Kansas State University and University of Missouri Extension Associate Professor of Food Safety
    • Library Activity: Planting Herbs
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To View any of the webinars after the watch parties please go to this link

2024 Field To Fork Webinars Series