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Adult Services Coordinator Position


VCBC Public Library Youth or Adult Services Coordinator

Position Summary:


·         Under the supervision of the Library Director and/or Assistant Director, the youth services and adult services coordinator are parallel positions, serving as departmental supervisors of the Valley City Barnes County Public Library.  Each coordinator participates in preparing the annual budget for their department, is a member of the library’s management team; and supervises and reviews all subordinate employees in their department.  S/he also act as manager in charge in the absence of the director and assistant director.

·         This position is responsible for administering and operating the adult services or children’s services department and performing specialized professional and supervisory work.

·         Responsibilities include initiating, developing, coordinating and implementing programs to improve service availability and quality consistent with library policies, professional best practices and management guidelines.

·         Other routine work involves keeping current of new technologies and methods, directing, reviewing and evaluating the work of subordinates, providing for the overall care and maintenance of the collections under his/her care, assisting in hiring staff, attending meetings and communicating with customers, co-workers and other agencies.

·         Regularly scheduled night and weekend work is expected.

·         The work is subject to review according to the library’s personnel plan through observation, reports and the results achieved.


Essential Functions and Responsibilities:


·         Initiates the development and implementation of programs to increase customer awareness of library resources and appropriate self-sufficiency.

·         Develops and recommends policies and procedures to improve operations.

·         Monitors and reports the results achieved.

·         Manages the assigned staff consistent with delegated responsibilities performing tasks such as scheduling assignments, training and directing staff in the implementation of library policies, procedures, standards and services.

·         Provides for their professional development.

·         Evaluates performance and applies positive and negative discipline as appropriate to achieve desired results.

·         Regularly reads book reviews, publisher’s catalogues and researches other information sources to identify materials to meet customer needs, enrich the library’s collections and correct deficiencies.

·         Continuously develops a strong knowledge of the library collection and materials, its strengths and weaknesses and how to find items using the best access methods, particularly in areas of expertise.

·         Manages, organizes and maintains or provides for the care of materials and equipment under his/her stewardship by or providing for the organization of inventories, the maintenance and repair of items, the acquisition of needed and the removal of obsolete items.

·         Assesses department needs and prepares requisitions for equipment, materials and supplies.

·         Assists customers with developing needed information by answering questions, identifying potential information sources, recommending specific items, materials or sources and referring them to other appropriate assistance such as reference specialists, interlibrary loan, manual and automated information databases and staff.

·         Oversees customers and their use of the library maintaining the appropriate atmosphere and discipline depending upon the area and the customers being served.

·         Attends staff and other inter and intra agency meetings to coordinate programs and activities and to increase professional knowledge and skills.

·         Prepares or provides for the preparation of statistical and other reports regarding library operations and use.


Additional Job Duties


·         The adult services coordinator will be responsible for planning or supervising implementation of, all adult and senior programming and outreach. 

·         The youth services coordinator will be responsible for planning or supervising implementation of, all children’s and young adult/teen programming and outreach. 

·         Both positions perform related work as required, as well as other duties as may be assigned from time to time and which are consistent with this classification.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities


·         A strong knowledge of the principles and practices of library work and of the library’s computerized systems, particularly related to an assigned area of expertise in adult or children’s services.   

·         The ability to identify customer needs and requirements, initiate and develop policies, procedures, programs and activities to meet those needs and monitors ongoing performance in the attainment of objectives.

·         Works in a pleasant and effective manner with customers, co-workers, other departments and agencies.

·         Ability to supervise while establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with superiors, subordinates, other employees and customers.

·         A strong professional interest in reading, literature and library science.


Physical and Mental Requirements


·         Assists library customers in their use of the library by performing work which is moderately physically demanding and administers the library collection wherever materials may be located including obtaining and replacing books from shelving in the stacks and on all levels, walking and standing for extended time periods (two to four hours) and carrying a reasonable selection of materials between places where they are stored and places where they are used within library facilities and property.

·         Able to communicate effectively orally, in writing and by listening in the modes of public speaking, speaking with small groups, providing instruction, counseling and direction, and in preparing notes, memorandum, correspondence and reports. This includes the direct and personal use of office computers.

·         Able to receive, understand, interpret and carry out library policies and procedures.

·         He/she must be able to hear normal sounds, distinguish sound as voice patterns and communicate through human speech.

·         Ongoing intellectual effort is required to maintain a current knowledge of library resources, learning, literature, and information resources.


Education, Experience, and Training


Minimum Training and Experience

To be considered for this position an applicant must have a bachelor’s degree, preferably in a related field and/or a minor in library science or a minimum of two years of practical experience in a public library setting.  All applicants must demonstrate they have the knowledge and experience to perform all the duties and responsibilities required for the position.   A master’s degree in library science preferred. Additionally, applicant should have a strong knowledge of automated library systems and supervisory experience.  Ability to leverage social media greatly desired.



The above description is illustrative. It is intended as a guide for personnel actions and must not be taken as a complete itemizing of all facets of any job.



To Apply for this Position Please Send a Resume, Cover Letter and Three References to